Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Sister-The Late Tappy Marie

Dear God - it makes me sick the blatant disregard you people have for human life and common decency.

I am the sister of the late Tappy Marie, the "sickeningly sweet" social worker that Irv Rorg now claims his father killed on Thanksgiving Day 2006.  Irv admits he buried Tappy in their backyard to protect the name of his dear father, and admits he is in denial about the sociopathic illness of his dead dad.  Irv even tried to pin the murder on his own Uncle Vick.

According to you people, my dear sister had a voice that made "even the neighbor's pit bull cringe."  Is that reason enough to murder someone??

I'll admit, my sister and I were not close.  She was a "Blue Jay" and a "Campfire Girl" and she said that "love is what people without God are crying out to the hills for."  She used "Dippity Doo" on her hair, and her breasts were naturally perky enough to never need a bra.  Hell, she used to put makeup on her dolls.

I'm gay, and even lipstick lesbians would puke if they saw my sister's idea of blush.

Look, I just want justice.  I brought charges against Irv Rorg because he admitted to burying my sister in his backyard.  Now he has been released, his case dismissed.  

Man, so does that mean anybody can just go around burying people in their yards without the threat of punishment in this country?  I'm a dentist.  I work hard.  My sister was a git, but that doesn't mean someone shouldn't have to pay the penalty for her murder.

I'm sending this to John Edwards.  I have a root canal to finish up now and I'm damn mad!

Angry and Appalled,

Kate Marie (sister of Tappy)

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Good Side's been awhile.

All my friends and readers, it's me, Irv. I'm fed, clothed like a real person, and on my way back to Los Angeles.

I'll just say I'm somewhere south of Fresno, tonight.

Look, my case was dismissed even thought I admitted to stabbing my psycho uncle. It was self-defense. I'll miss all my friends in San Francisco, but I had to come back to my hometown.

In this case, I'm glad our justice system is overcrowded and corrupt. God, they had twenty of us in one cell. We had to take turns sitting on each other.

I've just got to pretend that my family and what happened with them, never happened. I've got to pretend that my uncle did not shoot my father dead last year.

I've got to focus on what's good in the world. I'm still fairly young. I've still got my looks. Just because psychotic behavior runs in my family, and just because I've participated in that behavior several times, does NOT mean I am a psycho also.

One thing I want to know, before I begin my new life. Why is Uncle Vick not back in jail when he broke parole and left LA?? He should be locked up. He's a menace. He should not be employed by "Complete Wrap" HMO. He should not be free!

I can't begin a new life as a stuntman without justice. I can't begin my new life as a stuntman until the fucking writer's strike is over.

Focus on the good. Focus on the good. Focus on the good.
Damn! It's so hard! So hard when there's so much bad...happening every day all the time.

My family messed me up. I've been drunk the last three nights in a row. I'm too old for this. I'll be drunk tonight. It's fuckin' freezin' in the San Joaquin Valley!

Looks like a full moon, too. I should bay at the moon like wolves do. Maybe that's how they focus on what's good.


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bayview Police Precinct Purge

Although officially unreported, 14 men and women held in custody at the San Francisco Bayview Police Precinct were released January 1, 2008.  Overcrowding was sited as the reasoning behind the releases, however, organized crime and bribery are the real reasons.

I am anonymously reporting this on this blog, as Irv Rorg was one of those released.  His trial on December 21, 2007 had been postponed until later in January of this year, and has now been summarily dismissed.  Again, no official reason has been released.  I happen to know that Judge Kendra Munoz has been involved in many such 'dismissals' in the past, and has been seen driving a series of successively more expensive Mercedes.

Others released on January 1, 2008 in addition to Irving Rorg were:

Larry Went - held on charges of internet fraud and lascivious conduct in a mall.
Titra Gomez - held on charges of cooking meth in an elementary school assembly hall.
Madge - a transvestite held for disorderly conduct in a mosque.
Candy McCabe - prostitution with intent to kill.
George (no last name given) - looked like a terrorist.
Mitzaba Keblablazamtatbo - really was a terrorist.
Sandra - girlfriend of precinct officer who had "shot her mouth off" to him "one too many times."

No other names are available at this time.


Friday, January 18, 2008

Irv, where are you?

Dear Irv,

It's me, Kwan.  

Happy New Year, except I don't know where the hell you are!  The San Francisco police don't have you anymore.  They won't speak to me about you.  Even the fat kid, Marcus, says he doesn't know.

Everything seemed like it was going fine just a few months back.  You and I were together and we were going to do something with our lives.  How quickly things can change, right?

I paid that extortionist bald guy from the Pole Dance Palace five thousand dollars last week. Happy New Year my ass.

It was raining so hard and now that sun is out again, I don't feel it inside.  Things change too quickly.  When I was a little girl in Vietnam my father bred geese.  He had over five hundred geese in a huge shack out by the mountains.  It was hard to make them breed with each other, because geese are very inhibited.  Sometimes you'd have to physically place one goose on top of the other one to get them to mate.

One day, my little brother opened the gate and all the geese ran out onto a mine field that the army had not yet cleared from the war.  Well, we found out where all the mines were, and feathers caught in our hair in the wind, but we lost most of the geese.

My father was never the same after that.

And, Irv, I guess I'm trying to say, that this year is starting out ass-backwards for me.  No campaign.  No job.  No home soon.  And No Irv.

Make an entry here, or call me.


Saturday, January 12, 2008

Happy New Year from Uncle Vick

Hey buckaroos--

Uncle Vick is back in black! Been tryin' to log on to this blog for weeks, but it's been blocked with a notice posted: "Seized by the San Francisco Police Department."

Kwannie! You out there??

Look, I got me a new spleen from a guy I know at Complete Wrap Health Insurance. Put me first in front of more than 400 people waitin on a list. Hey, I'm an employee at an HMO, I should get first priority over all those subscribers, right? Spleen came from China, my bud said.

I'm outa the hospital and back at my house here in Southern California, watchin' my plasma TV, eatin' and wonderin' WTF my nephew did to ruin his whole life. He's up there in SF in jail because he stabbed me.

Hey police boyfriend up there! I drop the charges. Nobody died. Let Irv come home. I want him to live with me like he used to. He can get a job. Bring that hot ass Kwannie down here, too. Glad she gave up that Congress pipe dream!

It's lonely in this house. I miss the way it was last summer.

Let's start 08 off right!
your loving uncle,